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Happy New Year O's fans!

Let me be not necessarily the first, but one of many to wish all of Birdland a very Happy New Year on this January 1, 2014! This is a very important day in a sense, because officially the Baltimore Orioles can begin to refer to the 2014 season as this year as opposed to next season. Perhaps this is semantics in a sense, however it’s something to say the least! The fact is that the world isn’t so different today as opposed to yesterday; the date changes at midnight every night if you think about it. However with the arrival of the new year the O’s will resume their hot stove season at some point, which as I said yesterday has been underwhelming to say the least thus far.

I’m not going to predict, suggest, or re-hash anything here today, because the the fact is that it’s a holiday. And furthermore nobody who did anything of any sort of substance last night is up this early on New Year’s morning to read this at the hour that it’s being published! (Yes folks, deduce for yourselves what that says about my New Year’s Eve last night…those college bowl games were pretty exciting to say the least!) However January 1st reminds us that the off season is progressing. Just as a matter of housekeeping, this is the last unofficial month without Orioles baseball. The O’s open up Grapefruit League play in February 28th vs. Tampa!

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