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Baltimore Orioles: All she wrote for 2013!

Here we are on New Year’s Eve…not much to report from the Baltimore Orioles’ standpoint. So we’ll fall back on this for today: what were your favorite Orioles’ highlights from 2013? I’ll start by giving you a few of mine:

  • Chris Davis’ grand slam on Opening Day at Camden Yards
  • Orioles’ return to Sunday Night Baseball
  • Comeback from 6-0 down vs. Washington
  • Chris Tillman – overall season
  • Chris Davis – overall season
  • Three-game sweep of New York in June
  • Six Orioles’ all-stars
  • Orioles being in contention for all but the final week of the season

Those are only a few things, but there are many more. And for the record, even give the underwhelming off season thus far I think we’ll have many more in 2014.

With that said, I’ll also offer a public service announcement of sorts. If anyone reading this is out tonight for New Year’s Eve, please drink responsibly. There are so many accidents due to drunk driving that occur during events such as New Years and so forth, so please do anything you can to ensure that you aren’t a part of that statistic. If you’re at a celebration and someone’s had too much, give them a ride (or let them stay over). And if someone moves to take your keys away, just relent and follow what they say. Better to be safe than sorry! So with that said, I wish all of Birdland a safe and happy New Year’s Eve tonight!

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