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Baltimore Orioles: Not so fast (updated)

The Baltimore Orioles thought they had shored up their closer spot. However as Lee Corso famously says on ESPN’s College Gameday, “NOT SO FAST!” Balfour submitted to a physical yesterday, which is routine before contracts are formalized. According to reports, there were some issues that came back with the physical. It’s unclear what those issues were, however according to MASN’s Roch Kubatko they have to do with something in Balfour’s right shoulder. Nothing is official or set in stone as of yet – in other words this deal could still get done. However it’s certainly a glitch in the Orioles’ plans to say the least.

The Orioles are expected to address this more today, so stay tuned. It’s certainly a tough pill to swallow in the sense that Balfour is a guy the team coveted and they went out and got him. I suspect we’ll see a lot of people saying the Orioles are trying to work the price down and so on. However, keep in mind that he was examined by a doctor. If doctors are seeing something that’s not really there, they could be held liable for malpractice. Nevertheless as I said, stay tuned!

Update: Dan Duquette has announced that the O’s will void the Balfour deal due to some issues that were found in the physical.

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