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Baltimore Orioles: Pack the polls!

Admittedly this column has nothing really to do with the Baltimore Orioles. However as a broadcasting major I was taught that radio guys were supposed to do the occasional Public Service Announcement (PSA). We hear them all the time; our favorite DJ’s doing a commercial trying to get people to stop smoking, drinking, etc. So this is kind of in that direction. Today is election day in America, and as an American Government minor I feel that this is annually something to which we should pay attention.

Be you of the liberal or conservative ilk, your opinions matter. Obviously at this time last year we were at the end of a national election for the Presidency; while that’s not something in play this year, numerous states are voting for governor, state delegate, senator, etc. I’m sure that various cities and towns have mayorships up for grabs also which in theory could be just as important if you believe the moniker that all politics is local. Plenty of juristictions also have numerous budget and bond issues on the ballot as well.

Voting on election day is more than just granting yourself the option of to complain for the next four years or whatever the case may be. Our government is for the people, thus the people should have a say in who runs it. So wherever you are and regardless of what you believe in, get out and vote today. It’s a right guaranteed to you by the Constitution, and one that you should take seriously.

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