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Be a Baltimore Orioles writer!

I’m going to keep this brief today. Perhaps you saw an ad/posting on Birds Watcher earlier this week regarding an ad for new writers. In no way is this reflective of our current staff, or myself. We’re always looking for new opinions to add to our site, along with different angles. So I just want to reiterate to the cyber-world out there that if you have some talent in terms of writing and some baseball savoir-faire, we’d love to have you join our staff. What I’ll tell you is that it forces you to look at things from a totally different angle. The only thing that we kind of mandate is that your

postings err on the side of professionalism. While we do write from the perspective of the Baltimore Orioles, we can’t outwardly “root” for them. Along the same lines we try not to come across as crass, negative, or anything else. We strive to call things down the middle.

Each staff writer is responsible for making one posting per week at a minimum. If you would like to post more often, you’re welcome to do so. If this sounds like something in which you might be interested, I would encourage you to fill out an application on the Fansided homepage, or tweet me (@DomenicVadala) for more information.

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