Ryan Flaherty singles in the fourth inning against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field Saturday. Photo: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Birds Watcher welcomes Jessica Auburger

I’m pleased to announce that Jessica Auburger will be joining our writing staff here at Birds Watcher. The Ann Arundel County, MD native comes to us via the auspices of a Fansided affiliate site, AllOverTheHill. Jessica will continue to write at that site, but you can also catch her now on Birds Watcher. Kudos to her for taking on dual roles in the Fansided family!

Jessica has just completed her freshman year at the University of Alabama at Tuscalosa, where she’s majoring in Sports Broadcasting. Her goal one day is to be  an NCAA football sideline reporter, so with that said we’re incredibly lucky to have her come our way here at Birds Watcher! What’s their line down there, Roll Tide?! (For the record I thought about throwing in a mock War Eagle chant, however why antagonize Jessica before she actually posts an article for us?! Jessica will be primarily be covering the Orioles’ minor league systems, so you can look for her updates on that front on a weekly basis. Please join me in welcoming Jessica to the team!

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