Baltimore Orioles: Catch Birds Watcher on twitter!

Birds Watcher now has a dedicated twitter account, which can be found at: The majority of our interaction with readers will continually be via the comments section of the columns, as well as through our own twitter accounts. If you do not do so already, please feel free to follow all of our writers by clicking on their names below:

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Domenic Vadala

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Again, the majority of fan interaction will continue to be as it has been in the past, and at Birds Watcher we strive to “chat it up” as much as possible with Baltimore Orioles fans. Don’t be shy…we won’t bite! We’d also appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind checking out and “liking” our facebook page, which is accessible by visiting: Lastly, whether you’ve read one of our columns once, or interacted with myself or any of our writers on facebook or twitter, on behalf of the Fansided Network and all of our wonderful writers I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patronage!

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