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45 Years Ago Today: Baltimore 10, Boston 0

This is in the category of, “Oh my, how the game has changed!”  But not because of what you might at first think by my saying this – that I’m referencing the thrashing of the Sox by the Birds. Let me explain…

On May 27, 1967 at Memorial Stadium, I was a 12-year-old boy with my family about 10 rows up from the field, down the 3rd base line at about the cut of the outfield grass.

Here is what is unusual… check out this line, and you will see why I remember the game:

Boston             0 – 10 – 5

Baltimore        10 – 11 – 0

Now, add to this the fact that it was a 9-inning shutout by Orioles pitcher Tom Phoebus! He truly scattered 10 hits – nine singles and one double, along with three walks and five strikeouts! The box score does not indicate a pitch count, but even with three double plays behind him, you know it had to have been an astronomical number compared to today’s standards.

Phoebus was 50-37 over five seasons with the Orioles, including pitching 240 innings in 1968.

But isn’t this an amazing box score?  Can you see why I’d remember this game even almost a half-century later?

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