O's defeat Bergesen in arbitration hearing

According to ESPN the Orioles won their arbitration case against RHP Brad Bergesen yesterday. Bergesen, who last year made $400,000+, was asking for $1.2 million from the O’s this year. The team had offered $800,000, which was the figure that was accepted by the arbitrator. In 2011 Bergesen was 2-7 with a 5.70 ERA in 12 starts and 22 relief appearances. Either way, Bergesen is getting a sizable raise. I like Bergesen, and I think that he has a place on this team. However I do have to question his motives (and those of his agent) in going to arbitration, which is largely based on statistics. Perhaps more importantly, this can sometimes cause poor moxie between the team and a player because the team is in effect arguing about how the player isn’t worth what he thinks. One way or the other, it’s over and done with (advantage: Orioles). This was the Orioles’ first arbitration case since 2006 when they beat Rodrigo Lopez. They do have one remaining case pending, and it could well help dictate the immediate future of the club: February 17th with Adam Jones.

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