Guthrie is joining select company with his 3rd Opening Day start.

Baltimore Orioles: Duquette on the Guthrie trade

According to the Orioles’ Dan Duquette stated that he sent Jeremy Guthrie to the Colorado Rockies was due to the fact that Guthrie’s a free agent after this season, and he felt that it was better to get two pitchers in return that were under team control for an extra year.

Duquette also said Jason Hammel would essentially replace Guthrie in the starting rotation. It’s unclear if he meant this to mean that Hammel would be the staff ace/Opening Day starter, or just in terms of being an innings-eater. As for Matt Lindstrom, Duquette sees him as a power arm in the back-of-the-rotation. Mr. Duquette was careful to note that the O’s didn’t get any offer of young prospects in return for Guthrie, and this was the best deal that was on the table. One thing that Duquette appeared to like was the strikeout-to-walk ratio in the duo, so I suppose that’s something. Duquette is an executive with an eye for finding diamonds-in-the-r0ugh, so we’ll have to wait and see. However in the short term, I think that most of the fan base sees this move as trading a blonde for a slightly younger brunette.

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