Baltimore Orioles: Super Sunday alternate realities

One would expect that there would be very little baseball news breaking now given that there’s kind of a big sporting event today. Ironically there are some ties and storylines in tonight’s Super Bowl which relate to Oriole fans in that they relate to the city of Baltimore. I grew up with a father who became very much heartbroken when I was three years old after his beloved Colts left town for Indianapolis. As a kid I heard a lot from my father and my two uncles about the great Johnny Unitas and the Baltimore Colts.

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The anti-hero of that story of course is the hated Robert Irsay, who owned the team. Without rehashing too many of the details, Irsay never had any loyalty to the city of Baltimore from the time he aquired the team in 1972. In fact, he threatened to leave the city almost from day one. However when push started coming to shove, he vehemently denied that he was moving the Colts anywhere (literally un

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