Andino Comes Through

I love this guy. No one besides Orioles fans (and my boyfriend who constantly says how he’s the best guy on the team) knows who he is yet he makes Top Ten a lot and does A LOT for this team. He is great defensively any where you put him. He can play second, he can play short, and, lucky for us, he can play third. I love him there and Reynolds at first with Chris Davis DH-ing next season. Love it.

Anyways, he also is a pretty good clutch hitter as he proved tonight. With the Orioles down one (on the first bad play I’ve seen Reynolds make at first) in the top of the 8th, Andino came to the plate to face Papelbon with the bases loaded and 2 outs. On a full count, after a 3 hour long stare down by Papelbon, Andino didn’t look away and slammed a bases-clearing double to take a 2-run lead. Pedro Strop came in for a perfect 8th, including two awesome strikeouts. Then Jim Johnson came in for the save in the 9th in which he also threw a perfect inning. Closer or starter for next year? Who knows! But I will write about that soon once the off-season starts. JJ has earned 6 saves in his last 7 save opportunities. I wonder how the 9th would have gone if Kevin Gregg had been put in…

Let’s just say, the Red Sox would have another game advantage on the Rays.

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