A Check-In with Koji Uehara and Derrek Lee

We know how Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis have impacted this team so far this season. But what about the other part of those deals? The O’s acquired starter Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis from the Rangers for our beloved 8th-inning strike-out machine Koji. So, how is Koji doing in his new, winning, play-off bound home? (Lucky him, poor us still stuck with the same old, horrible team.) Koji has had 6 outings since being traded to Texas. He’s pitched 5.0 total innings and has given up 4 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk (typical Koji), and struck out 7. He has earned a loss in those 6 outings, but he’s also earned 3 holds. So, he’s still pitching like he was here except his team is actually winning games and he’ll actually have a role in October. Good for him.

As for Derrek Lee, he’s not as lucky. He played in 5 games with the Pirates since being traded, 4 of which they lost. However, Pittsburgh has completely fell out of the NL Central race as they are now 13 games back, and almost 10 games under .500. They’ve gone back to the same old Pittsburgh Pirates. For Lee, in those 5 games, he went 5-for-23, a .278 average, with 3 RBI and 2 runs scored (all in one game, his first with Pittsburgh). However, he then landed on the 15-day DL with a wrist injury. We don’t really miss him though since he did nothing offensively and Chris Davis is playing first with good defense and actually has a bat.

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