Seedlings to Stars Bobby Bundy Article

A writer for Fansided’s Minor League site, Seedlings to Stars, recently profiled Baltimore pitcher Bobby Bundy, also known as the other Bundy.

We’ve all been hearing how 1st-round, 4th overall pick RHP pitcher Dylan Bundy has yet to sign a contract with the O’s and how great of a prospect he is. However, quietly in the background is his brother Bobby, who is slowly but surely making his way through the minor league system.

You can read the article here to read all the details about his progress.

Bobby is currently a starting pitcher for AA Bowie where he was just promoted earlier this month. He’s made 2 starts, one bad and one good start. Though he’s not going to be exceptional like his brother is expected to be, he will make for a very good middle-to-end-of-the-rotation guy and it would be awesome (and probable) to see him pitching in the same rotation as his younger brother, Dylan, in a few years.

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