Congrats Mark Reynolds

As many of you may have seen, Mark Reynolds landed the number 7 play on ESPN’s top 10 with this play here.

Now I don’t know about you guys but when I see something good about the Orioles on ESPN, I get excited because it happens very rarely. I’m sure a lot of fans feel that way. We feel special when Sportscenter decided to talk about the lowly Orioles for a few seconds instead of the powerful Yankees, Red Sox, or Phillies.

This time is different. I’m willing to bet that Mark Reynolds has paid ESPN to put his play on the Top 10 in order to get the O’s talked about on ESPN in order to get fans to forget how TERRIBLE he’s been defensively. Nice try Mark, but it’s not going to work for me.

Even though, yes you made a great play that landed you and the beloved Orioles on ESPN, you still play a role in why the Orioles are as bad as they are with your sucky defensive skills at 3rd. I don’t understand how he can make that catch but he can’t throw the ball to 1st without allowing 3 unearned runs. I’d rather you make the not-so-great throw that saves runs than the great catch that saves a double.

It is a great catch though.

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