The newest information on making up last night’s postponed game against the Yankees is as follows.  There will not be a double header and the game will be rescheduled on a date that will be announced later.  However, according to the Orioles website, Buck Showalter says they’re looking at either July or September.

This is all good news for the O’s.  Chris Tillman will take the mound tonight (he was supposed to start yesterday’s game) with an extra day of rest.  Jake Arrieta will get the start tomorrow night.  This means that the O’s have time to wait to make a roster decision.  Since there is no need for a third starter (since there’s only two games being played), Bergesen doesn’t need to be called up, no one has to be put on the DL to make room, and Jakubauskas doesn’t have to start in the majors with a 15.00 ERA.

So this worked out for the O’s it seems like.  Now, let’s just hope tonight’s game doesn’t get cancelled either because that won’t work out for the fans at all.

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