Bobby Valentine Meets With O's

It’s been confirmed that Bobby Valentine has visited Baltimore to meet with Angelos and MacPhail. His name has been thrown around for a while so this comes to no surprise. What did surprise me though was how he viewed our team with no positive outlook. Granted we are the worst team in baseball, but unlike in his eyes we do have hope.

“They have a whole lot of problems and they seem like they’re really putting their heads together to try to solve them somehow, some way, [but I'm] not sure how.”

“It’s a big challenge. I like big challenges, but I like to have some reward too, and the reward is in the standings and their standings don’t look like they’re going to turn around very quickly.”

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I understand where he is coming from, but from a guy who is a candidate to be our manager I’d like to see a little positivity. He gives the impression like the team has no chance to succeed in the future.  If he feels that way, maybe we should continue to look for a better manager. I don’t want a manager that will sugar coat anything either, but having a positive attitude especially for a manger is a must. I’m still not against naming him as manger, although I’d rather wait until the off-season to find our permanent head coach.

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