Millwood and Wiggy Talk Mets

To nobody’s surprise Millwood and Wiggy are both open to trades. The New York Post recently did an interview with the both of them about their thoughts on possibly being traded to the Mets. We are a young team that is in the cellar so you can not blame these guys for at least considering the possibility.

“I wouldn’t mind pitching in New York,” Kevin Millwood said Tuesday night. “It’s a great city. But it’s not really up to me whether I do or don’t.”

“If the Mets called the Orioles and wanted to do something, I’d certainly look at it,” said Millwood. “If it came up, I’d definitely consider it a possibility.”

As for Wigginton……

“You hear rumors all the time, but I don’t pay attention to them,” Wigginton said. “The longer you play, the more you learn to not worry about other clubs. I used to do that and let that stuff get to me. Right now, I’m just thinking about the Orioles.”

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If the right deal comes along I would be more then willing to part ways with both of these guys. Wiggy and Millwood are having a very solid season, but clearly they do not fit into our future. These guys have been true professionals though as a lot of productive veteran players would be demanding a trade by now. We will be hearing a lot more about the future of these two and others as the trade deadline approaches.

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