Willing to Trade For Gonzalez?

A lot of rumors have been swirling around about the Padres willing to trade power-hitter Adrian Gonzalez. A few of the teams that have mentioned are the White Sox, Mariners, and the Orioles. Although a long shot, Gonzalez is just the type of player we need in our lineup.

The problem is, are we willing to part ways with top prospects. Our cavalry is finally starting to break into the majors, and you know that’s who the Padres will be targeting. I have to believe Matusz is one of the players that MacPhail views as untouchable. The Padres will most likely be looking for a deal that includes Tillman, Erbe, and probably Snyder.

The thought of having a power-bat in the middle of the line-up is nice, but not worth it. Gonzalez will be a free agent at the end of the 2011 season, and will be a player the Red Sox and other high paying clubs will target. It’s not worth trading away our future for one player. Hopefully MacPhail will look over this trade unless he gets a bargain deal, which is doubtful. It would be better to hold onto our future players, and wait until a power-hitter hits free agency.

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