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O's Bring Back Tejada

The Orioles brought back Tejada today after a two year departure. Tejada and the Orioles didn’t exactly leave on great terms, but he has always spoken fondly of the city. I remember an interview a season or two ago about his future and he said that he wouldn’t rule out signing with the Orioles again.

Tejada spent the past two years in Houston and is coming off his best season in three years. Last season Tejada hit .313 with 14 home runs and 86 RBIs in 158 games last. Nobody is exactly sure how old Tejada is, as there have been reports of him lying about his age.

Most likely Tejada will be our starting 3rd baseman. Moving Tejada to third would mean Atkins will probably be our everyday 1st baseman.  Now that our infield looks set, Luke will either be our everyday DH or will be traded due to his desire to play in the field.

The terms between Tejada and the Orioles are reported to be a one year deal. We all knew the O’s would only sign short contracts at the corner positions with Snyder and Bell moving up. This was probably the most logical signing for the O’s as Tejada was the best infielder left on the market, and it doesn’t hurt that he knows the ballpark. I’m certainly happy about this deal.

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