Sarfate Career Ending Injury?

Orioles reliever Dennis Sarfate might learn Friday that his season, and potentially his career, could be in jeopardy, but suddenly baseball isn’t his main concern.

“Really, the last couple days I’ve been kind of hanging out with my daughter, taking her for walks,” said Sarfate, who is on the disabled list with a blood circulatory problem. “Baseball is a great game, I am so thankful to God that I have had the opportunity to play it. But my life and my livelihood, me taking care of my family and all that, is definitely more important. So baseball has been the last thing I have been thinking about.”

Sarfate, 28, will undergo an angiogram at 9 a.m. Friday to determine the cause of numbness in the middle finger of his pitching hand that forced him out of a game May 1.

Link: Baltimore Sun

This is really scary news, and real disappointing. I’ve always like Sarfate, and he’s a key member of our bullpen. It would be a shame if Sarfate loses his baseball career, in  the same year his friend Adenhart lost his life. Lets hope that the Docs report good news, and Sarfate will be fine.

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